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    City of Hanston

    The City of Hanston was established the town of Marena in 1878.  In 1901, the railroad came through the town and the name was changed to Olney-Hannston.  A depot with stockyards was built for the transport of cattle.  The name of the town changed again in 1902 to Hanston.  The Hann family had donated land to the city.  There was a lengthy feud over the changing of the town name.

Hanston City Library

    In 1911, several ladies decided to form a library.  Books were donated and the library was operated on a volunteer basis only.  The library was set up in the office Linda's Lumber Co.  After the ladies passed away the books were stored away. 

    In 1929, William Seacat and his wife, Wilma, gathered up the books and tried to re-establish a library.  It was set up in the basement of John Lingenfelder's Photo Studio.  The library was operated by volunteers from the YWCA.  This only lasted a short time.

    The Farm Women's Club, H.D.U., called a meeting at Lingenfelder's home, chose 5 board members, and established the Hanston City Library as a branch of the Jetmore City Library in 1957.  Emma Lingenfelder donated the Photo Studio building to be used as the Hanston City Library.  In the early 1980's, the Hanston City Library joined the Southwest Kansas Library System and was no longer a branch of the Jetmore Library.

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